Is Mind Body Fit Club a good fit for you? Each "Yes!" equals 1 point. 

  1. Have you struggled with your weight or what you think is overweight?
  2. Have you ever attached your self esteem and worthiness to your weight?
  3. Have you been fighting with the voices in your head for many years? The good, the bad and the observer?
  4. Do you approach your nutrition and fitness in an ALL or NOTHING mindset? You sway in and out of committment? 
  5. Are you motivated to actually change yourself? (given you have the guidance?)

Did you get 3 or more points? If so, consider Mind Body Fit Club. 


Want to renew your vitality? 

In MIND BODY FIT CLUB,  you will implement 10 Actions.

  1. Learn and adopt new eating and exercise habits with our Weight Loss Guide
  2. Explore and strengthen your Mindset with our F.I.T. Session audios
  3. Discover your unconscious patterns and transform them into beneficial habits
  4. Learn how to create On-Demand Motivation
  5. Shift your thinking patterns and strengthen your self talk
  6. Have fun in the get-fit journey and meet like minded women
  7. Train your brain for increased mindfulness with food amounts and choices
  8. Adopt practices of self compassion and forgiveness, Self acceptance and peaceful mind 
  9. Exercise motivation on-demand
  10. Learn how to design a goal and actually accomplish it with our goal achievement system

Now with Lifetime Membership to our MBFC Community!

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